• All On Paper

    Students at Florida Atlantic University’s University Press are about to publish their last issue of the summer.  This is a first of its kind for the staff.  What’s different?  It was created using ‘80-era technology.  Typewriters, print-film cameras, pica poles…alien tools to these modern journalists.  Audio gathered on a PMD620.  Produced using Audacity and iMovie. …

  • Mirasol Land Development

    This report aired in 2006.  I wrote, voiced and produced this story for WGCU Public Radio as an intern.  It’s a feature that focuses on a controversial permit review for a land development in Naples, Florida called Mirasol.

  • The House We Built

    I travelled to Collier County in Florida to interview a local resident whose home was up for possible demolition due to a road expansion.  I wrote, voiced and produced it for WGCU Public Radio using a MiniDisc recorder, WGCU Studio equipment and Adobe Audition.  It aired between segments of Morning Edition on NPR.

  • Lake Trafford Restoration

    I wrote, voiced and produced this report, which aired in 2009, for WGCU Public Radio as an intern.  I used a MiniDisc recorder, WGCU studio equipment and Adobe Audition to record and edit my interviews, nat sound and to voice my script.